Who we are in the industry

We help employers create inclusive talent strategies

Grads of Life works with leading employers to create inclusive talent strategies that deliver both social impact and business benefits. Our consultancy provides employers with the insights, tools and partnerships to address talent needs while advancing racial and economic justice.

We work to close the
Opportunity Gap

The Opportunity Gap keeps Opportunity Talent – like Opportunity Youth, people who have been incarcerated, people with disabilities, and many others – disconnected from meaningful careers.

It is more important than ever for employers to take a leading role in addressing the Opportunity Gap by creating diverse and inclusive talent strategies. Current and future challenges such as recession due to COVID-19, growing economic and racial inequity, and increased automation demand an inclusive economy and an agile and adaptable workforce.

Access Opportunity Talent and build a workforce for the future by becoming an Opportunity Employer.

We are:

  • Building an Opportunity Employment Movement by demonstrating the benefits of inclusive and equitable talent practices

  • Supporting employers to build and implement inclusive talent strategies at scale

  • Mobilizing the Opportunity Talent workforce by prioritizing skills over traditional education and employment pathways

  • Addressing the Opportunity Gap, and helping to create a more economically just and sustainable society

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