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Grads of Life enables companies to expand their HR practices by building partnerships and adopting best practices to access high-quality sustainable pools of work-ready young adults.

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About Us

Grads of Life is a national initiative that catalyzes market demand for Opportunity Youth by transforming employer perceptions and hiring practices. Grads of Life places an innovative focus on the demand side of the talent marketplace, harnessing the power of the private sector to catalyze an employer-led movement to create pathways to employment for Opportunity Youth nationwide.



Lower Onboarding Costs

Opportunity Youth working at AT&T helped secure $1.3 million in lost revenue, vastly exceeding the cost of their stipends & training.


More Diverse Talent Pipeline

PG&E leveraged higher education institutional partners to gain access to a 60% diversity rate in their applicant pool.


Lower Turnover Rate

The one-year turnover rate of OpportunityKnocks graduates is five times lower than the turnover rate of the average new hire

Meet Your Future Talent Pool

Opportunity Youth are an untapped talent pool of young adults who are driven, motivated and loyal. They often juggle multiple responsibilities and because they lack access to professional networks and higher education they are often overlooked by traditional hiring methods.

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