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At Grads of Life, our mission is to enable companies to adopt skills-first practices and advance diversity, equity, and inclusion on a meaningful level.

We can help you understand where you are and how to get to that next level. 

We know what it takes to scale skills-first practices and improve workforce DEI, because we built the knowledge base to help companies do it. Out of that research, we developed industry-leading, data-driven tools to help organizations like yours benchmark your current efforts and accelerate organizational transformation:

Opportunity Identifier

Our Opportunity Identifier tool captures a company’s current practices to assess their skills-first talent practices and identify actions they can take to create value for their bottom line and their people.

Occupation Review

Our Occupation Review tool identifies which roles companies should start with and provides guidance on establishing skills-first career pathways and family-sustaining wages.

Impact Measurement Framework

Leveraging our cutting-edge Impact Measurement Framework, we support you in selecting key metrics to understand the business and social impact of your skills-first transformation

Strategy and implementation support are a given with us. Through custom 1:1 engagements, our consultants work as an extension of your HR and operations teams, supporting you through the process of becoming more inclusive and implementing skills-first and DEI practices seamlessly.


Companies often struggle to know where to begin or what to focus on when adopting skills-first practices and policies. We take a data-driven approach to identify growth areas for clients.

Talent Strategy

Through one-on-one consulting, we help clients define their talent management goals and create strategies to achieve them.

Strategic Implementation Support

With strategic plans in place, we enable companies to move from the aspirational to the actionable, helping employers adopt, implement and effectively scale skill-first talent practices.

Making the shift to skills-first practices and investing in DEI means engaging leaders at all levels in conversations about equity and how increasing job access for historically excluded talent can benefit the entire organization. 

That’s where our learning and training services come in. 

From seminars on skills-first practice implementation, to inclusive manager trainings, to racial equity and action planning workshops, our trainers provide you with the information, skills and tools needed to build buy-in and operationalize your commitments to practice change. 

Skills-First Hiring Seminars

Our subject matter experts provide hands-on learning to teach teams how to take a skills-first hiring approach.

Manager Trainings

We train managers on how to implement best practices for supporting, retaining, and advancing diverse talent over time.

Racial Equity & Action Planning Seminars

We lead senior executives through a guided learning journey to develop the mindsets and actionable strategies to create and lead inclusive and equitable cultures.

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