Our Suite of Services

Strategy &

We conduct assessments and leverage data-driven tools to help employers to implement skills-based hiring, retention and advancement practices that drive DEI outcomes and deliver both business and social value.

Learning &

We engage leaders at all levels through trainings that build inclusive mindsets and provide the skills and tools needed to operationalize skills-based hiring commitments and foster more equitable workplaces.

Research &
Thought Leadership

We partner with world-class organizations to conduct cutting-edge research and produce insights that move us toward a more equitable, inclusive and skills-based labor market.

Companies often struggle to know where to begin or what to focus on when adopting best practices & policies to hire, retain, and advance qualified candidates from historically excluded talent pools.

We take a data-driven approach to identify growth areas for clients and implement strategies
to meet their skills-based HR and DEI goals.


Our Opportunity Identifier tool captures a company’s current practices to assess their skills-based hiring practice and DEI maturity and identify actions they can take to create value for their bottom line and their people.

Talent & DEI Strategy

Through one-on-one consulting, we help clients define their DEI ambition and create strategies to achieve their goals.

Skills-Based Practices Implementation

We help companies hire, retain and advance historically excluded talent by implementing skill-based initiatives. Our Occupation Review tool identifies which roles companies should start with and provides guidance on establishing skills-based career pathways and family-sustaining wages.

Leaders want to create a culture of inclusion but often do not know what steps to take. 

Designed to engage leaders at all levels, our trainings equip learners with the skills and tools to build inclusive mindsets and implement tangible practice changes

Skills-Based Hiring Seminars

Our subject matter experts provide hands-on learning to teach teams how to take a skills-based hiring approach.

Manager Trainings

We train managers on how to implement best practices for supporting, retaining and advancing diverse talent over time.

Racial Equity & Action Planning Seminars

We lead senior executives through a guided learning journey to develop the mindsets and actionable strategies to create and lead inclusive and equitable cultures.

Though many companies are committed to improving HR and DEI outcomes, 
understanding the complex body of research on what works remains elusive.

Through partnerships with premier academic institutions and consultants,
including Harvard Business School, Accenture and Bain & Company,
we produce groundbreaking insights to help employers take action.

Cutting-Edge Research

With our partners, we conduct original research and produce meaningful insights that aid employers in taking action toward their DEI & skills-based employment goals. We also provide opportunities for leading companies to work with us to test and analyze their approaches and publish our findings together.

Thought Leadership

We partner with our clients and partners to create compelling thought leadership pieces on our Insights Hub and Forbes platform to amplify their wins and share their expertise. Our team also works one-on-one with employers to produce robust and data-driven case studies to communicate their impact to stakeholders.

Impact Measurement

Through our research-based impact measurement framework, we help companies measure the impact of their skills-based practices. Leveraging our detailed metrics, companies gain a better understanding of the kinds of impact their skills-based hiring efforts can have on their business, employees, and communities, and apply a more rigorous approach to this critical work.

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