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Discover the Unique Skills Diverse Talent Can Offer in Just 7 Seconds

In 2014, Grads of Life was established through the groundbreaking 7-Second Resumes PSA campaign that catalyzed employer demand for Opportunity Youth. 

HR managers spend an average of 7 seconds reading a resume. Whether considering internal or external candidates, our unique and compelling 7-Second Resumes videos offer a better use of that time. 7-Second Resumes empower diverse talent to consider their most fundamental strengths, and offer you insights into their employability that traditional resumes miss.

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What Do 7-Second Resumes Reveal About Underrepresented Talent?

  • They are motivated and take initiative
  • They are collaborative
  • They think critically They are effective communicators
  • They understand brand integrity
  • They are tech-savvy and innovative. They are efficient.

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Learn how Grads of Life can help you use 7-Second Resumes to inspire new thinking and shift mindsets within your organization.