Ten Proven Actions to Advance Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Americans are increasingly demanding that businesses prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion as the deep inequities in our society have emerged as a focal point of national dialogue. For the first time we’re seeing companies view equity as a business imperative to attract and retain top talent. Yet navigating the evidence to identify proven, effective practices that really move the needle on DEI can be a challenge.

In our latest research paper, Grads of Life partnered with Bain & Company to address this challenge by developing a short list of the strongest evidence-based practices that drive positive DEI outcomes. Our new report gives employers an easy roadmap to compete in an increasingly competitive labor market.

Read our report to learn about 10 specific practices that drive strong DEI outcomes. 

Opportunity Identifier

In conjunction with this report, Grads of Life and Bain & Company have released the DEI Opportunity Identifier, a self-assessment tool
that allows companies to assess themselves against all of the DEI actions featured in this report as well as many others.