Advisory & Design Services

Tailored solutions for workforce challenges

Through our collaborative advisory services, we partner with employers to diagnose the underlying causes of their recruitment, hiring and retention challenges. We use this knowledge to design and deliver diverse talent management strategies your business needs to thrive now and in the future. 

We offer a human-centered design approach to help leading employers become Opportunity Employers through diverse talent strategy improvements.


Grow your organization with Opportunity Manager Training

Self-paced online training program that provides frontline managers with the tools they need to successfully support Opportunity Talent to reach their full potential and advance within your organization.

Upskill entry-level talent with Career Labs

Our high impact professional skills bootcamp draws on 20+ years of experience training entry-level talent –empowering Opportunity Talent with the skillsets and mindsets to grow and excel in their careers. Individual programs can be customized based on your needs.

Encourage employee development in just seven seconds

HR managers spend an average of 7 seconds reading a resume. Whether considering internal or external candidates, our unique and compelling 7 Second Resume videos offer a better use of that time. 7 Second Resumes empower Opportunity Talent to consider their most fundamental strengths, and offer you insights into their employability that traditional resumes miss.

Need additional guidance?

Use our Opportunity Navigator tool to get a customized scorecard of your strengths and opportunities for action in Opportunity Employment.