With the help of education providers, Walmart created an educated and skilled pipeline of workers and offers entry-level workers the opportunity to earn college credits for prior and on-the-job training and to continue postsecondary education.

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"I see . . . education, training and involving our associates as being the major advantage for Walmart."
Sam Walton, Founder, Walmart

The Challenge

Walmart sought to support the completion of postsecondary degrees in order to grow the corporate talent pipeline and to offer career advancement opportunities to associates.

The Solution

By partnering with American Public University, Walmart created the Lifelong Learning Program that provides associates the opportunity to earn college credits for prior, on-the-job training while building a portfolio of work and education experience. As a result, Walmart has created a more skilled and educated workforce while positioning Walmart as a leading company in talent development.

The Outcome


Source: Corporate Voices for Working Families.  Walmart Case Study. 2011.