Why be an Opportunity Employer

Become an Opportunity Employer to build a stronger employer brand as well as improve diversity, retention and employee engagement.

Opportunity Employment Principles in action

See the impact on businesses that have embraced Opportunity Employment, including improved retention, productivity, morale and performance.

Opportunity Employers:

Access diverse talent to out perform peers
Building an Opportunity Employment strategy allows businesses to access diverse talent pipelines and see improved retention, employee engagement, and productivity.
Boost brand perception
Consumer awareness of economic and racial inequity is high. 78% of Americans favor brands that elevate diversity and inclusion in the workplace; while 75% favor brands that proactively condemn racial inequity.
Employers that recognize their role in building a more equitable society, and are willing to take a strategic and holistic approach to talent management to reflect that, are perceived as leaders by employees, consumers, and the communities they serve.
Attract Millennials and Gen Z candidates
Millennials and Gen Zs care about equality of opportunity and want to be part of a diverse workforce that reflects their experiences. 78% of US Millennials agreed that ‘it is important that the values of the business I work for match my values.’
Create a robust and flexible workforce
Accessing the substantial and underutilized pool of Opportunity Talent creates a more diverse and flexible workforce. Opportunity Talent are individuals with a wide range of life experiences and varied skillsets, which make them a meaningful part of a more resilient and responsive workforce.
Shape the future
The architecture of the US workforce is being impacted by three major factors: increasing automation, evolving definitions of work, and an increasingly diverse composition that demands equity and inclusion. Opportunity Employers will shape the future of work as they make informed, equitable talent decisions, prioritize upskilling and training, and develop an adaptable workforce culture.

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