Occupation Review

Unlock Critical Data to Achieve Your Hiring Goals

Companies want to use skills-first talent practices to build strong, diverse workforces but don’t often have the hard data to determine which strategies will best support their goals.

Developed in partnership with workforce data experts AdeptID, our Occupation Review (OR)  tool  provides an in-depth analysis of employer, industry and regional market data to help businesses make informed decisions and take the steps necessary to hire, retain and advance diverse talent, including: 

  • Removing exclusionary degree requirements
  • Diversifying talent pipelines
  • Mapping clear career pathways based on overlapping skills 
  • Implementing family-sustaining wages

The OR has become a blueprint for midsize to large companies across a wide range of industries. Get started today to begin operationalizing skills-first talent strategies that deliver.   

What We Offer

Through consulting services, we ensure that employers are
prepared to hire, retain and advance diverse talent through skills-first talent practices.