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Frontline managers are key to the growth of your organization. Give them the tools to develop and retain talent.

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Effectively recruit, retain, and lead frontline talent

Opportunity Youth are motivated, hard-working young adults. With the right support from frontline managers with high expectations, they will thrive within your organization.


Opportunity Manager Training can be accessed anytime, anywhere through a mobile-friendly platform that also integrates with your existing LMS. You can build the foundation for future learning with Core Modules or create playlists for each team with Mix-and-Match Modules. Each Module is comprised of one to three 10-minute lessons.

Actionable Lessons

Short and relevant lessons can immediately be applied in day-to-day practice, giving frontline managers an opportunity to see how the new tools affect team performance.

Grounded in Reality

Real-life case studies and video interviews with managers and frontline talent demonstrate the impact frontline managers can have on their team members.

Time to Reflect

Self-assessments and personal reflections allow frontline managers to understand their value, examine current practices, and identify potential areas of growth.

What’s your frontline talent strategy and is it working?

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