Opportunity Manager Training

Give your frontline managers the tools to develop, support and retain Opportunity Talent with our flexible and adaptable training.

Recruit, retain and develop frontline talent

With the right support, Opportunity Talent will thrive. Get ahead of your competition by investing in your talent to boost productivity and retention

Flexible management training

Opportunity Manager Training is flexible to fit in with busy schedules, giving managers a training that is:

  • Accessible anytime
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Comprised of core modules
  • Broken down into 10-minutes lesson
  • Mix-and-match modules

Lay the foundation for future learning with core modules or create your own playlists to suit each team. Equip your managers with the knowledge and skills to prioritize equity, inclusion and mobility for your frontline talent to build a stronger, more diverse organization.

Best practices for managing Opportunity Talent remotely

In these unprecedented times, we know that managers need new skills to help them quickly and effectively coach their teams remotely. This dynamic, self-paced online training is designed to be completed in quick, easily accessible lessons. Managers will leave with the practical tools, behaviors, and mindsets needed to manage Opportunity Talent and their broader virtual workforce in less than an hour.