OneTen: A coalition of CEOs committed to measurable change

In December 2020, the business community mobilized to take on their responsibility to building racial equity in a powerful way.

The launch of OneTen– a coalition of thirty-seven companies from a wide range of industries including IBM, Merck, Bank of America, and Walmart – marked an unprecedented corporate commitment to advance racial justice by creating equitable access to upwardly mobile careers.

The coalition’s goal to create one million new careers for Black Americans over the next ten years represents a new direction for business. This group of leading companies is poised to set a new standard in Corporate America – one in which the best companies are those who drive racial equity directly and at scale through their employment practices.

OneTen companies are taking bold action to implement inclusive hiring, retention and advancement practices – such as expanding their recruiting sources and removing degree requirements from their job descriptions.

We at Grads of Life, in partnership with Bain & Company, are proud to be supporting OneTen companies in building more equitable and inclusive talent systems.

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