Workforce Wins Report

The case for Opportunity Talent pipelines

Despite consistently high unemployment rates across the US, employers are struggling to find the talent they need.

Degree inflation” is a substantial contributor to this imbalance. Grads of Life, Accenture, and Harvard Business School explored this problem in Dismissed by Degrees.

A strategy for addressing this Opportunity Gap has been outlined in the companion whitepaper, Workforce Wins: The case for Opportunity Youth talent pipelines.

Addressing talent pipeline challenges

Investing in talent pipelines that bring Opportunity Youth into organizations is a smart business decision.

Discover the business benefits seen by employers that invested in building Opportunity Youth talent pipelines, including increased retention, more efficient recruiting and improved diversity.

Create diverse talent pipelines

A robust Opportunity Employment strategy results in diverse, resilient talent pipelines. Address recruitment issues and improve return on investment with an equality-driven employment solution.