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H-E-B Grocery Company operates career lattice programs to engage young adults in the grocery retail industry, provide them with essential skills and job training, and support their growth and mobility within the company.

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"Our ideal scenario at H-E-B is to hire a 16-year-old for a job as a sacker or checker and then encourage that young person to do a summer internship where they rotate through a number of departments. Through formal programs and informal influence, we encourage them to go on to college. If they pursue a degree in a related field, they can apply for financial support for their education. They can continue to work while in school, participating in internal training programs, including SORM. Highly successful college graduates can continue in our internal SORL, the training ground for the future leaders of the company."
Brooke Brownlow, Vice President of HR
H-E-B Grocery Company


H-E-B recognized generational differences in how young people transition into adulthood, as well as how talent is groomed and recruited to work at the company. The company knew it needed to launch an initiative to encourage the internal growth of new talent and meet its leadership needs.


H-E-B developed an integrated lattice of programs that provides young adults exposure to careers before the employment age through job shadow and career awareness programs and provides adults employment opportunities, internship programs, tuition advancement programs and career development programs. Each program assists a potential or existing employee at each stage of development. In return, H-E-B fosters new talent, benefits from higher retention rates and meets its leadership needs.


  • New talent development
  • Higher retention rates
  • Leadership needs fulfilled
  • A financial return on investment


Source: Employment Pathways Project. Updated original H-E-B Grocery Company Success Story produced by Corporate Voices for Working Families. 2014.

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