Opportunity Talent Population

Who are Opportunity Talent?

Opportunity Talent are individuals from traditionally untapped talent pools who are resilient, motivated, and actively seeking economic stability from equal opportunity employers. Opportunity Talent represent a diverse range of skills and experiences, and can address many talent gaps. This group includes:

  • Opportunity Youth (ages 16-24 who are neither enrolled in school nor participating in the labor market)
  • Persons with disabilities
  • Veterans
  • Formerly incarcerated individuals
  • Individuals with DACA status

Opportunity Talent are disproportionately people of color and many times belong to one or more of the above groups. Considering intersectionality, and the deep connections between racial and economic justice in America, is critical to understanding Opportunity Talent.

Why work with Opportunity Talent?

Opportunity Talent are an often-overlooked source of available talent. They bring diverse perspectives, motivation, and adaptability to the workplace. Many of the skills and perspectives offered by Opportunity Talent can help businesses prepare for the future and become more responsive to the evolving world of work.

Get to know this diverse talent pool. 

Invest in Opportunity Talent

Becoming an Opportunity Employer allows businesses to access, support, and retain Opportunity Talent. Opportunity Employment outlines the specific actions you can take to effectively recruit, hire, retain and advance Opportunity Talent. It enables employers to:

  • Strengthen workforces with a diverse talent pipeline and inclusive culture
  • Improve employee retention and engagement
  • Promote economic and racial justice
  • Build a workforce fit for the future

Opportunity Employers proactively build diversity, equity and inclusion into their employment practices, leading to stronger business outcomes and improved employer brands.