Opportunity Employment

Create a more inclusive and resilient strategy

Be a leader in your industry by adopting Opportunity Employment, a strategic approach to inclusive talent management. Opportunity Employment is a commitment to recruitment, hiring, retention and advancement practices that prioritize equity, opportunity and mobility for Opportunity Talent.

Through an equitable approach to talent management, businesses help shape a more just, sustainable and inclusive economy. They will also benefit directly from:

  • Increased employee diversity, creating a stronger workforce
  • Enhanced brand perception for potential employees and consumers
  • Better employee engagement and morale
  • Improved retention and performance

Become an Opportunity Employer
Promote economic and racial justice through your employment practices, operationalize your value, and build your workforce for the future. 

Six Opportunity Employment Principles

See what Opportunity Employment could look like for your business with the six key principles. These principles are designed to help employers operationalize their values, create organizations that put people first and prioritize economic opportunity and mobility for Opportunity Talent.

Access expert guidance

Our team of experts supports leading employers across America in creating innovative talent strategies specific to industry, organizational structure and business goals.