Build A Talent Pipeline To Take Your Recruiting To The Next Level

Talent can make or break your company. Without great talent, you can’t execute well on your strategies to achieve organizational goals. Your best employees and colleagues can’t be at the top of their game when their teams are understaffed or under-performing. Recruiters play a crucial role, ensuring that you have the human capital you need to move your business forward. However, a recent survey of nearly 700 global business leaders highlighted in Harvard Business Review shows that recruiters are not as effective as business leaders want them to be. Business leaders prioritize the building of a comprehensive strategy, consistent delivery of quality hires, and strategic support to business decisions—but statistics show that recruiters fall short of leaders’ aspirations in these areas.

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This where a talent pipeline comes in. Partnering with a talent development organization provides consistent access to high-quality candidates while providing talented young adults who have historically been disconnected from work and higher education with opportunities to apply their skills and add value to your company. Building a pipeline through partnership adds business value in three big ways:
  • Avoiding the costs of a bad hire: Leaders want recruiters to have a comprehensive recruitment strategy in place- but fewer than half of recruiters do. A comprehensive strategy allows recruiters to align their practices with larger business goals, including improved cost efficiency, employee engagement, and diversity. Strategically building a talent pipeline allows a company to avoid the costs of bad hires by working with a partner organization that provides candidates who are already vetted, trained, and excited to build a career at your company.
  • Providing a consistent source of talent: A pipeline is a consistent source of high-quality talent, and business leaders consider consistent quality hires as critical to their company’s success. Talent development partner organizations train young adults in market-relevant skills that meet your business needs, setting your company up with a strong pipeline of skilled candidates. Through a partnership, your company can benefit from these young adults’ skills, desire to learn and add value to your company, and diverse perspectives.
  • Accessing untapped sources of talent: Business leaders rely on recruiters to provide the strategic thinking about what capabilities new talent could bring to the company. Only one-third of recruiters are effective at providing this strategic support, according to HBR’s data. Partnering with a talent development organization can open your company to skillsets and talents you may not have previously considered. Opportunity Youth bring with them a wealth of experience, determination, and eagerness to learn. If you’ve been struggling to identify exactly what your talent pool has been missing, consider partnering with a talent development organization; it could help you see more possibilities.
Talent recruitment is critically important to your company’s success. Building a pipeline of Opportunity Youth is a proven strategy that can help your company set itself apart. For a comprehensive list of talent development organizations in your area, check out our Partner Directory on

The GradsofLifeVoice Forbes team provides thought leadership, research and expert commentary on innovative talent pipelines and related issues such as the skills gap, income inequality, workforce diversity, and the business case for employment pathways. We seek to change employers’ perceptions of young adults with atypical resumes from social liabilities to economic assets. This post was originally featured here.

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