Meet Your Future Talent Pool

Opportunity Youth are an untapped talent pool of young adults who are driven, motivated and loyal. They often juggle multiple responsibilities, such as siblings and children, and because they lack access to professional networks and higher education they are all too often overlooked by traditional hiring methods.

Grads of Life connects employers with programs that prepare these young adults and train them to be valuable employees from day one. Find your next hire’s 7 Second Resume.

7-Second Resumes

An HR manager spends only seven seconds looking at the average resume. But these candidates are more than what's on paper. Get the real story in their own words.

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Right now there are 5.3 million young adults in this country who are out of school and seeking work. They’ve been overlooked by traditional hiring methods including resumes, interviews and degree requirements that are poor proxies for success in the workplace.

Ironically, this is happening at a time when the war for talent is only heating up—between now and 2020, 12 million jobs requiring some level of higher education are expected to go unfilled due to a lack of skilled labor.

Doing Good Is Good for Business

Employers across the country are collaborating with training providers to build new pipelines of skilled talent and they’re getting results.