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Erika Cospy
Erika Cospy
Senior Director, Advisory Services

7-Second Resume Statement

Losing my mother at an early age taught me to become independent, accountable and to proactively embrace new challenges, key attributes that I permeate in my daily work.


Erika Cospy serves as Senior Director, Advisory Services at Grads of Life. She consults with employers to develop and implement inclusive talent practices to increase economic equity. She also provides strategic oversight and cultivates a culture of purpose and significance for her project teams.

She is driven by a desire to create career track job opportunities for overlooked young adults so they can grow and thrive personally and professionally. She draws on over 20 years of private and public sector experience focusing on Authentic Leadership and Client Relationships in a myriad of leadership roles. This includes Program/Project/Process Management and Improvement while serving as Senior Manager of National Community Engagement at the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Earlier in her career, she also served as Financial Services Account Executive where she helped clients solve challenging problems through high-impact strategies while leading multi-million-dollar portfolio. When not at work, she enjoys traveling, learning, dancing, skating and music. She graduated with from Bennett College with a BA in Business Administration. She then obtained her MBA from University of Phoenix. She has also earned several certificates in topics ranging from Design Leadership, Project Management and Executive Business Communication. She would love to network with you on LinkedIn or at ecospy@gradsoflife.org

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