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Seeking to stabilize its part-time workforce, the United Parcel Service (UPS) helped create a public/private partnership that offered staffing support for its overnight operation in Kentucky while contributing to the overall educational attainment in the region and state.

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"In order to build upon the success of Metropolitan College and the School-to-Work program, UPS is exploring nontraditional sources of talent. We engage with community partners to find employees from low-income high schools, the foster care system, outside of the Louisville area and those with disabilities. These future employees would not normally come to UPS looking for a job. As a result of these innovative recruitment efforts, we are staffing our operations and at the same time, being a good community partner."
Scott Gregory, Airline Workforce Planning Manager


UPS needed to expand its Next Day Air hub operation in Louisville, KY, but was experiencing an extremely high turnover rate of over 70 percent among part-time employees that staffed the hub from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m.


A partnership, called Metropolitan College (MC), was formed between Jefferson Community and Technical College, the University of Louisville, the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Louisville Metro Government, and UPS. Joining the MC consortium helped UPS stabilize its workforce, decreasing its previous turnover rate from over 70 percent to less than 20 percent.


  • Relocation avoided-operations expanded
  • Turnover rate reduced from over 70% to less than 20%
  • Strong talent development pipeline
  • 89% retention rate for UPS/MC participants


Source: Employment Pathways Project. UPS Case Study. 2014. (Updated from Corporate Voices for Working Families- 2010.)

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