Industry: Food & Beverage Partnership: LeadersUp Business Need: Goodwill & Community, Labor Costs, Recruiting & Efficiency

SK Food Group needed to create a strong pipeline of workers to meet the growing demands of its company. LeadersUp developed an employer-led workforce training and development model that created a pipeline of Opportunity Youth for the company.

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"The young adults we've recruited through the LeadersUp model have been exceptional additions to our Ohio team and have showed promising leadership capabilities that will help meet our growing workforce needs."
Steve Sposari, President & CEO
SK Food Group

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Established in 2013 by the Starbucks Corporation and launched by some of its largest U.S. suppliers, the mission of LeadersUp is to bridge the divide between the untapped potential of young people and the business challenge of finding and keeping the best talent. Their innovation is a supply-chain engagement model that leverages and works with companies within robust supply-chains across the United States to hire and retain Opportunity Youth as part of their workforce.


SK Food Group needed to create and sustain a high performing workforce while expanding in the central Ohio region.


LeadersUp launched an employer-led workforce training and development model in partnership with the Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corporation that leveraged the potential of highly trained Opportunity Youth from Columbus, Ohio market as a viable talent pipeline for SK Food Group.


  • Reduced interview to hire ratio
  • Mitigated financial risk
  • Established a talent pipeline


Source: SK Food Group Demonstration Project. 2015.

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