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SAP is partnering with over 500 schools and universities to build technology skills. SAP has also created the University Alliances (UA) program, which exposes students and faculty to the latest technologies and SAP’s software.

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"A generation ago most jobs and careers were pretty narrow in their focus. Today’s worker can expand and grow and develop across this truly breathtaking global and digital economy."
Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP


The education and training system in the United States is failing to produce skilled individuals for the highly skilled workforce in tech. There will be a need for 1.4 million computer science jobs over the next three years, and likely only 400,000 people to fill them.


SAP’s UA program exposes students and faculty members to SAP’s latest software and allows universities to integrate software and technology into their teaching.  This experience provides students with professional skills ready to succeed in the tech workforce.


  • Students can earn an industry certification in SAP technologies
  • The UA program prepares the next generation of workers for the digital enterprise

Source: How CEOs Are Helping Close America’s Skills Gap. Business Roundtable Report. June 2017. p. 57

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