Industry: Aviation, Automotive & Defense Business Need: Diversity, Goodwill & Community, Labor Costs, Onboarding & Training, Retention & Productivity

Precision Body & Paint launched a contract program, allowing it to secure an affordable and skilled long-term workforce by filling a pipeline with young workers in an industry facing chronic shortages of highly skilled technicians.

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"I have 100 employees. They’re buying homes. They’re buying washers and dryers. They’re putting their kids through college. To grow somebody into that is meaningful. If I can give them a skill set, no one can ever take that away from them."
Ron Reichen, Owner


Precision Body & Paint was struggling to find workers with the level of expertise it needed and could not afford to hire an unskilled worker, invest in years of training, and have them leave just before they started generate profits for the company.


In 2006, Precision Body & Paint developed a contract-based system to attract and retain promising young workers. A long-term commitment to their education, combined with financial incentives, helped keep Precision Body & Paint’s pipeline full while also generating the most value for the company.


  1. 89% retention rate
  2. Pipeline of skilled, trainable talent ready to work according to demand
  3. Helping youth acquire valuable and transferable skills for jobs that pay more than a living wage


Sources: The Economist Intelligence Unit and The Rockefeller Foundation. 2015.

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