Industry: Aviation, Automotive & Defense Business Need: Diversity, Recruiting & Efficiency

Facing a shortage of skilled talent needed to grow its business, Permac Industries partnered on a program to provide underemployed people with fast-track training needed for machine-operator jobs.

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"Working with our area community colleges, Permac and other precision machine shops were able to design a new accelerated model that meets our hiring needs – Right Skills Now!"
Darlene Miller, President and CEO
Permac Industries


Permac Industries needed to find employers with the skills necessary to run sophisticated precision machine tools and equipment while also maintaining the company’s reputation for on-time delivery and quality service.


Permac partnered with Minnesota educational institutes and other partners to create “Right Skills Now,” a fast-track education initiative. “Right Skills Now” provides a semester of applied instruction plus a paid internship, with the goal of preparing students for employment as entry-level CNC operators.


  • Access to pipeline of skilled workers at a rate more quickly than traditional college programs
  • Easier hiring process for entry-level employees ready to work immediately
  • Growing interest in and developing talent for manufacturing as a viable career


Source: The Manufacturing Institute. Employer Spotlight: Permac Industries.

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