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Marriott offers internships and tuition assistance to urban youth interested in the hospitality industry, giving Marriott an opportunity to build a steady pipeline of fresh talent.

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"National Academy Foundation allows us to focus on a majority-minority group that our industry lacks in senior positions."
Andy Chaves, National Youth Programs Manager

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In the face of increasing competition from new industries recruiting younger talent, leading lodging company Marriott took action. The company sought to develop a program to attract “echo boomers”—the next generation of young leaders.


Through its partnership with the National Academy Foundation (NAF), Marriott created an internship and tuition-assistance program that helps Opportunity Youth gain work experience, develop the skills necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry, pursue post-secondary education and develop life-long-learning habits. The program serves as a valuable recruitment strategy that has resulted in higher productivity and diversity.


  • Obtains a skilled workforce
  • Greater workforce diversity
  • Stronger impact in Marriott’s communities
  • Valuable recruitment strategy, which yields a round ROI


Source: Corporate Voices for Working Families and the Forum for Youth Investment.  Business Leadership: Supporting Youth and the Talent Pipeline. 2007.

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