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Lenovo, in partnership with NAF and MIT, are encouraging high school students to consider careers in STEM by providing an innovative curriculum centered on mobile app development and delivery. This curriculum is delivered through their joint initiative, the Lenovo Scholar Network.

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"We are proud of this partnership and the impact the Lenovo Scholar Network has made on young people across the country. STEM represents a critical need and opportunity, and programs like this help drive the next generation of technology leaders and entrepreneurs. "
Rob Cato, Executive Director of North America Solutions Sales and Channel

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NAF solves some of the biggest challenges facing education and workforce development by bringing education, business, and community leaders together to transform the high school experience. NAF ignites students’ passion for learning and gives businesses the opportunity to shape America’s future workforce by transforming the learning environment to include industry-specific curricula and work-based learning experiences, including internships. Companies partner with NAF to build a diversified and skilled talent pipeline to fill future positions. Companies that work with NAF know that when they hire a NAF intern, there will be an immediate value add and return on investment for both the intern and the company. NAF serves nearly 100,000 students nationwide – over half of which are in a STEM-themed program of study. Visit to learn more.


Employers across the country have expressed concern that they cannot find the right talent to full open positions, especially in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).


Lenovo in partnership with NAF brings a robust mobile app development curriculum and delivery program to NAF academies in the United States. The two organizations provide innovative curriculum and technology to provide exposure and encourage interest among high school students in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).


The partnership between Lenovo, MIT, and NAF has extended its reach to 118 of NAF’s academic, serving over 5,000 students across the country.

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