Industry: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Business Need: Goodwill & Community, Recruiting & Efficiency

Johnson & Johnson’s Bridge to Employment (BTE) program makes learning meaningful, engaging, and relevant for underserved youth while attracting skilled potential new hires to careers in healthcare.

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As the healthcare field continued to expand, Johnson & Johnson was looking for ways to increase its pool of skilled young hires and build a future talent pipeline.


Johnson & Johnson established the BTE program, a career program where underserved young people gain skills and knowledge about the healthcare field through tours, formal internships, job-shadowing opportunities, college-level courses and skills-based workshops. The company also provided employees with opportunities to serve as volunteer career coaches and guest lecturers in the program. As a result, Johnson & Johnson has enhanced its philanthropic profile, created a more diverse and engaged work environment and attracted new hires.



  • Stronger corporate social responsibility
  • Greater workforce diversity
  • Enhanced employee engagement


Source: Corporate Voices for Working Families and the Forum for Youth Investment. Business Leadership: Supporting Youth Development and the Talent Pipeline. 2007.

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