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In partnership with institutions and local organizations, Johns Hopkins Hospital’s Skills Enhancement Program invests in the work readiness of its entry-level employees.

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Like many institutions, Johns Hopkins Hospital recognized that America’s talent pipeline was no longer producing an exceptional workforce that demonstrated twenty-first-century skills. The hospital knew that its future success depended on a diverse and talented labor pool.  


Through Johns Hopkins’s Skills Enhancement Program, potential new hires and current employees receive work-readiness and job-skills training via courses taught on the hospital campus. Results include a reduction in turnover costs, an increase in employee engagement and a 74 percent return on investment.


  • Benefit of a 74% ROI
  • Enhanced job satisfaction due to education and advancement opportunities
  • Reduction in employee turnover costs


Source: Corporate Voices for Working Families.  Why Companies Invest in “Grow Your Own” Talent Development Models. 2011.

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