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As one of the world’s largest providers of financial services, Fidelity Investments’ (Fidelity) long-term partnership with Citizen Schools provides low-income, middle school youth with work/life skills while offering employee volunteers the chance to participate in meaningful professional development opportunities.

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"Fidelity's multi-dimensional partnership with Citizen Schools has yielded skills-based volunteering opportunities for employees, leadership experiences for high-performers, board memberships for executives, and a remarkably effective strategy for meaningful intervention in the lives of at-risk students."
Sheila Cavanaugh, Senior Vice President


In 2009, Fidelity undertook a revision of its corporate social responsibility strategy, focusing on sustained impact with a small number of best-in-class education nonprofit organizations.


Citizen Schools, which focuses on setting middle school students on a path to success in high school, college and beyond, is one of Fidelity’s chosen partnerships. The partnership helps Fidelity meet its corporate social responsibility goals, provides professional development and mentoring opportunities to its employees, and ensures that low income youth build the work, life and academic skills they need to succeed.


  • High-impact volunteer opportunity with potential to attract, retain and develop talent
  • 100% of employee volunteers connect their efforts to Fidelity’s positive impact on the community


Source: Corporate Voices for Working Families. Fidelity Investments Case Study. 2012.

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