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Global logistics company Expeditors collaborated with community-based organizations to create Opportunity Knocks, a high school recruitment program that offers Opportunity Youth a chance to develop marketable job skills while fostering new and loyal company talent.

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"I was like these kids - from a working class family trying to make ends meet. My father was and still is a truck driver and my mother worked as a waitress. There were no expectations for college as none of my family had ever gone. I am a first generation college graduate. Now I have started a different cycle with my kids who are expected to go to college, and Expeditors is extending that to others through Opportunity Knocks."
Dan Wall, Senior Vice President


Celebrating a culture of organic growth and a history of promoting within, Expeditors faced the recent economic downturn by implementing a “no layoffs” policy, choosing to cut costs through a hiring freeze and attrition. Their focus on building long-term stability has grown a domestic workforce and it was into this corporate ethic and future-focused strategy that Expeditors launched Opportunity Knocks in 2008.


Opportunity Knocks is a programmatic commitment to support the career development of Opportunity Youth. In partnership with local community organizations, Opportunity Knocks recruits high school students who are at risk of becoming disconnected from society and not gaining the skills they need to succeed in life. Under the program’s motto, “Hire for attitude, train for skill,” Expeditors has found a way to cultivate future talent and secure volunteer opportunities for its workforce.


  • A pathway that fosters new and loyal talent
  • Strengthen community relationships
  • Enhance employee mentoring skills
  • Broaden employee diversity


Source: Employment Pathways Project. Updated original Expeditors Case Study produced by Corporate Voices for Working Families. 2014.

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