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By partnering with local school districts, Corning Incorporated engaged employees and high school students in a series of workshops to create an awareness and appreciation of manufacturing as a challenging, rewarding, and beneficial career path to consider.

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"Through Corning’s Manufacturing Awareness Program (MAP) we are helping to create awareness and educate high school students on the benefits of careers in manufacturing, especially for those students that do not necessarily see college as a path in their career planning. Having a strong, robust pipeline of talent to fill current and projected manufacturing jobs is critical to the success of Corning, as well as to manufacturing in America. Through MAP, our intent is to help students pursue and obtain meaningful and rewarding careers in manufacturing and to enhance the talent pipeline necessary to fill current and future manufacturing jobs."
Christine M. Pambianchi, Senior Vice President


Skilled trades in manufacturing are in short supply in the U.S. and quite often these jobs are not portrayed as worthy of pursuit by youth.


Corning Incorporated, working with local school districts, designed and piloted a Manufacturing Awareness Program (MAP), targeting Opportunity Youth ages 15 – 21. The program introduced and created increased awareness of the importance and benefits of careers in manufacturing.


  • Increased awareness and interest in manufacturing as a career within a targeted population
  • Continued commitment within communities in creating awareness and interest in manufacturing careers for Opportunity Youth
  • Increased engagement with local school districts in supporting occupational awareness for youths not on path for college as part of their career plan


Source: Corning Incorporated Success Story. 2015.

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