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Boeing devotes substantial corporate resources to the development of both engineering and manufacturing talent by working closely with selected colleges and universities to enhance undergraduate curricula, support continuing education, recruit candidates for employment, and collaborate on research and development.

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While U.S. schools graduate about 74,000 engineers in all disciplines each year, only 60,000 are American citizens capable of claiming a security clearance. As a result, Boeing’s ability to replace retiring Baby Boomer’s has become more difficult.


Boeing works closely with over 170 colleges and universities and invests $75 million dollars a year in employee learning. Learning Together Program is an industry-leading tuition assistance program that allows employees at any level to continue educational development at both four-year schools and accredited technical and community colleges.


  • Cultivate and recruit top talent
  • Create pipeline of skilled and ready workers


Source: Civic Enterprises and Corporate Voices for Working Families.  Across the Great Divide Perspectives of CEOs and College Presidents on America’s Higher Education and Skills Gap. March 2011.

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