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Aon works to close the skills and training gaps in the financial services industry while also improving their own business through their inaugural U.S. Apprenticeship Program. Through the apprenticeships, the participants are able to gain valuable professional experience and learn how to fill important Aon and other business roles. Aon managers are also able to cultivate talent specific to Aon needs.  This program creates a strong talent pipeline for Aon and the broader financial industry.

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"Building a highly skilled and diverse workforce is important not only for the U.S. economy but also for the future of our industry. We’re investing in apprenticeships because they will help us harness untapped potential and create the future leaders for our sector."
Gregory C. Case, President & Chief Executive Officer of Aon


In the financial services industry, it is difficult to find matches between the skills needed for the jobs and the people with the appropriate training.  For prospective candidates, the cost of college acts as a barrier for entry into many jobs and careers in this field.


Through their inaugural Apprenticeship Program launched with the City Colleges of Chicago, Aon connects and trains youth for two years. The Apprenticeship Program increases productivity and fills Aon’s talent pathway for jobs that do not require a four-year bachelor’s degree.


  • An associate degree in business, competitive salary, and a full-time job offer upon completion of the apprenticeship program
  • Direct engagement between Aon employees and apprentices
  • Cultivation of leaders in the financial services industry
  • Talent pathway for prospective workers

Source: How CEOs Are Helping Close America’s Skills Gap. Business Roundtable Report. June 2017. p. 13.

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