Industry: Technology & Telecommunications Partnership: Urban Alliance Business Need: Diversity, Goodwill & Community

By partnering with Urban Alliance, Alexandria Renew was able to develop a true connection with its community and offer their employees opportunities to open a young adult’s eyes and show them what their future could be.

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"Partnering with Urban Alliance has provided AlexRenew a great opportunity to mentor students and develop a pipeline of diverse talent while lending support to our local community."
Karen Pallansch, Chief Executive Officer

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Headquartered in Washington, DC, Urban Alliance partners with businesses to provide youth in under-resourced communities a continuum of services that include: 1) professional, paid internships; 2) mentoring from an adult professional; 3) case management from a youth development expert; 4) training focused on college and career skills; and 5) alumni services support, all of which contribute to helping youth to successfully transition to adulthood while businesses have the opportunity to be actively engaged in skill-based volunteering as they supervise, encourage, and act as role models for youth.


Alexandria Renew was looking for opportunities to get involved in its Alexandria community.


The partnership connects Alexandria Renew to its local community while also offering their employees opportunities help young adults realize their potential resulting in greater employee satisfaction.


  • Greater presence in local community
  • Increased employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Pride in contributing to a young adult’s success in life


Source: Urban Alliance. Alexandria Renew Success Study. 2015.

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