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Frontline managers are key to the growth of your organization. Give them the tools to develop and retain talent.

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Effectively recruit, retain, and lead frontline talent

Opportunity Youth are motivated, hard-working young adults. With the right support from frontline managers with high expectations, they will thrive within your organization.


Opportunity Manager Training can be accessed anytime, anywhere through a mobile-friendly platform that also integrates with your existing LMS. You can build the foundation for future learning with Core Modules or create playlists for each team with Mix-and-Match Modules. Each Module is comprised of one to three 10-minute lessons.

Understanding the importance of their role with an Opportunity Manager Mindset™

By adopting an Opportunity Manager Mindset frontline managers understand the power that they had to develop existing frontline talent and approach their roles differently.

What our users are saying

“The training really brings home the topics and gives real-life examples. The length of the training is perfect and engaging.”

“The training was practical and felt like I could put it into practice immediately!”

“This should be a mandatory training for new hires!”

“As a new manager, this training is a perfect fit for me.”

“The Frontline Manager Training was easy-to-use and navigate.”

“I was surprised by how effective it was.”

“I could do it on my phone or at a laptop, which made it easy to it into my day.”

“Liked that I could download the training materials for future use.”

“I could apply what I learned immediately.”

“There’s a huge need in the marketplace for this training.”

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Opportunity Manager Training provides frontline managers with the tools they need to empower Opportunity Youth.