Our products and services are designed to help employers find, develop, and retain a new source of untapped talent.

Opportunity Manager Training

Opportunity Manager Training is a self-paced online training program that provides frontline managers with the tools they need to successfully support young adults to reach their full potential and advance within your organization.

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Career Labs

Leveraging 18 years of success in preparing Opportunity Youth for careers, Career Labs harnesses a growth mindset methodology and cohort model to rapidly build a strong community of learners. Career Labs is typically delivered as a 40-hour training over a 2-week period that draws from a core series of modules specific to customer-facing roles. Career Labs can be customized based on your needs.

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Design Labs™ is a collaborative strategic engagement that delivers a replicable design for sourcing and retaining diverse talent who are ready to succeed in frontline positions. During Design Labs, the Grads of Life team partners with you to diagnose underlying problems and develop and deliver scalable and sustainable solutions, customized for your company.

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Opportunity Youth have acquired marketable skills through valuable life experiences—skills that translate directly into hiring and training cost savings and increased retention rates for you. But their resumes don’t always paint the full picture. Now there’s a better way to learn about the incredible potential of Opportunity Youth. 7-Second Resumes™ offer a unique talent solution to capture engaging seven second videos of Opportunity Youth sharing the skills they’ve acquired through life experience.

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