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GradsofLifeVoice is a platform hosted on  used to promote the social and business value of Opportunity Employment – a strategic approach to talent management that promotes economic opportunity and mobility for workers, especially Opportunity Talent (individuals who face barriers to employment and are historically overlooked by employers).

Target audiences: C-suite executives, HR executives, D.E.I executives, CSR executives, workforce development professionals, and Opportunity Talent.

Core themes: Opportunity Employment, the wealth and opportunity gaps, the skills gap, income inequality, workforce diversity, racial justice in Corporate America and innovative solutions to expand economic opportunity for Opportunity Talent.

Thus far, the blog has received nearly 24 million visits and includes posts from more than 180 different guest contributors, including employers, young adults, training providers and thought leaders in the workforce development space.

How to become a contributor

We are always looking for new content and would be excited to feature your voice about one or more of the core themes mentioned. Please reach out to Patrick Smith at to submit a piece and become a contributor.

  • Content should highlight thought leadership, trends, insightful views, best practices, and/or inspirational stories within one or more of the core themes for target audiences.
  • Pieces should be no more than 900 words
  • Pieces can be re-purposed that have been written or published elsewhere (authors will be credited)
  • A bio and headshot of contributors (2 max per piece) must be submitted beforehand 

We can work with you to be a resource in helping you develop and design your piece, including writing headlines, suggesting images and outlining content ideas.