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GradsofLifeVoice is a platform hosted on that we use to share thought leadership with our target employer audience about topics such as the skills gap, workforce diversity, racial justice in Corporate America and innovative solutions to expand economic opportunity for Opportunity Talent

Thus far, the blog has received nearly 24 million visits and includes posts from more than 180 different guest contributors, including employers, young adults, training providers and thought leaders in the workforce development space.

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  • Workforce Update: A Balancing Act For America's Working Women

    As the economy recovers, women will see increased pressure to balance work, childcare and school schedules that are contingent on when and if COVID spreads. An inclusive recovery must prioritize investments in education and training tied to support women who have been displaced by the pandemic.

  • #WhatsWorking: How To Build A More Just And Equitable Economy, The Ideas Are Flowing

    It's Workforce Development Month! Thought leaders in education, business, workforce development, training programs, and more gathered for a Twitter Chat earlier this month, hosted by WorkingNation, to share their strategies as Americans try to navigate their way back to the workplace.

  • Show Me The Equal Money

    Achieving pay equity is fundamental to being an Opportunity Employer, and it can be more complicated than it seems. To live by stated values like equity and equal opportunity, companies must take a dedicated, data-driven approach to pay equity.

  • Cultivating Young And Diverse Talent With GRACE

    The world of work is becoming increasingly diverse and rapidly complex, calling for a transformation in how employers tackle workplace culture and talent management. Utilizing The GRACE method can provide the right support needed to help diverse individuals grow within their workplace.

  • No, Putting A Person Of Color On Your Panel Doesn’t Accomplish “Diversity”

    As businesses across the country confront their role in systemic racism, companies are issuing pledges to appease their shareholders, customers, and employees. However, leaders have yet to invest in one place that could make immediate and exponential change.

  • Grads of Life BrandVoice: Leveraging Opportunity Employment To Advance Racial Justice In Corporate America

    Recent events –including the demands for justice following the killing of George Floyd, and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Black and brown communities –have companies around the country reflecting more deeply than ever on racial injustice, and the role they can play in addressing it.

  • The Impact Of COVID-19 On Youth In Foster Care

    The YES Project interviews Opportunity Youth, Veronica V., who participates in iFoster’s TAY AmeriCorps program—an opportunity for transition-age foster youth to gain the skills necessary to pursue permanent employment once they age out of the foster care system.

  • 5 Ways Employers Can Support Black Employees: A Young Leader’s Advice

    The YES Project interviews Opportunity Talent, Sierra W., who discusses her job experience working as a person of color during the pandemic and how employers can better support their POC employees during a time of uncertainty and racial injustice

  • Business Has A Role In Dismantling Racism: 3 Takeaways From Our Conversation With Dr. Manuel Pastor And Amelia Ransom

    Members of the UNITE-LA and REDF teams share their key takeaways from a conversation with Distinguished Professor, Dr. Manuel Pastor of the University of Southern California and Amelia Ransom, Senior Director of Engagement and Diversity at Avalara.

  • The Value DREAMers Bring As Employees

    Don Graham co-founded TheDream.US, a scholarship program for “The Dreamers,” the 800,000+ young people who had received Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) from the government. He shares his experience working with Dreamers, and highlights the value they bring to the workplace.

  • Teleworking As An Intern During The Pandemic

    America’s Promise Alliance through the YES Project is helping youth tell their stories about how COVID-19 is affecting their employment aspirations. Intern, Ifeoma Eleazu, discusses her working experience and shares her key learnings throughout the crisis.

  • Year Up’s Shift To Virtual Operations

    Pivoting to virtual operations required coordination between Year Up’s Program, IT, Operations, and Finance teams to ship hundreds of materials to interns and students so they could participate in virtual program and internships.