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Student Career Empowerment (SCE) serves as a bridge between students and the business community. By working hand-in-hand with businesses and underserved students to identify their individual career development and staffing needs, we’re able to place students in customized internship experiences, thus delivering well-prepared individuals for our community’s workforce.

SCE is a non-profit organization is dedicated to assisting underserved students find customized internships in their field of study. While helping business find well prepared candidates for their companies/organizations.
SCE is unique in that it addresses the concerns of how internships are designed and how students are matched with internship opportunities. They strongly encourage students to have an internship experience before they begin their future professional careers. SCE believes that not only does an internship assist the student in gaining essential skills and tools, but it
also allows for the student to get accustom to the workplace environment while building their network.
Obtaining an internship is something that our organization values and sees as a crucial step towards a student’s professional career. Having an internship experience is an essential piece for students’ competitiveness in the job market.

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