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Innovate+Educate is a national 501c3 nonprofit recognized as a leader in building new pathways to employment in high demand fields. Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Innovate+Educate is led by a Board of Directors from top industry across 35 states. Innovate+Educate implements research-based, demand-led strategies that will lead to the national adoption of competency-based hiring and training by employers. Innovate+Educate believes that the natural outcome of a demand driven approach will be increased awareness of and access to career-building skills for young adults often overlooked through traditional hiring methods (degree, resume). Innovate+Educate's vision is to open multiple pathways to learning and employment that results in economic success for all.

Innovate+Educate has developed and is currently implementing a ‘Skills to Jobs’ framework that builds new pathways to employment within an industry sector and/or regional location. At the most basic level, the goal of the ‘Skills to Jobs’ competency-based framework is to create a common language between supply and demand. In this transparent system, employers can search and hire based on identified skills and competencies and job seekers can easily demonstrate or ‘train up’ to the skills and competencies employers need.

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