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i.c.stars was founded in 1999 to develop 1,000 community leaders by 2020. i.c.stars targets a particular population of young adults that is not being effectively served in Chicago. These are young adults ages 18 and older who do not have formal education are often disregarded because of their age, but actually represent an untapped source for future economic and social leadership. i.c.stars is highly selective in identifying individuals who have overcome significant adversity and have developed the highest levels of resilience, problem solving aptitude, and motivation to help others. i.c.stars prepares these inner city young adults for high-level careers in information technology (IT) through a project-based training model, opportunities to meet IT leaders and potential employers, and leadership training. By integrating technology training, leadership development, and business skills, i.c.stars is shaping the next generation of technology and community leaders.

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