Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Pillars

Our DEI Framework

We believe companies have the power to drive positive impacts for their employees, their businesses, and society. To achieve these kinds of impact, companies must take a data-driven, evidence-based approach to DEI. Through comprehensive research, analysis of academic papers and our own client engagements, we have evaluated all DEI practices known to drive outcomes, and summarized our finding in an action-oriented framework that spans across areas of business operations both within the walls of a company as well as outside the walls.

Created in partnership with Bain & Company, our methodology consists of 5 key pillars which represent the core areas of business operations into which DEI should be incorporated, and serves as the backbone for all of our services.

Our Pillars


Strategy, Governance & Accountability Mechanisms

DEI efforts must be treated with the same rigor as any other business strategy. Measurable goals, clear accountability,and the necessary resources and personnel to make progress toward goals (including making necessary adjustments and improvements along the way), are critical to success.


Equitable Talent Journey

Inclusive hiring alone does not guarantee an equitable workplace. For a company to drive meaningful DEI outcomes and enable economic mobility for its workers, equity must be built into the entire talent journey –from recruiting to hiring to advancement.


Family-Sustaining Wages & Benefits

Adequate, equitable wages and supportive benefits - particularly those that enable underrepresented talent to thrive - are foundational to every DEI outcome. Without them, workers will not feel valued and other DEI efforts will fall flat.


Inclusive Culture

An environment of belonging, support, and trust is critical to ensuring all employees, especially those from underrepresented groups, feel a strong sense of inclusion and connection to the company. . Taking specific actions to establish necessary feedback loops, educate employees and leadership, and celebrate diversity go a long way in building an inclusive culture.


External Engagement

Employers have influence beyond their own companies. By installing systems and processes to ensure their direct and indirect impact on external stakeholders is aligned with their DEI values and strategy, employers can multiply their impact.

Learn How to Take Action

Within each of the above pillars is a robust set of specific actions employers can adopt.
Learn about best practices for driving equity through employment.