Opportunity Talent Pipeline

With 20 years of expertise, Grads of Life’s step-by-step guide to establishing an inclusive talent pool gives businesses a competitive edge and positions them to be a best-in-class employer.

Building an inclusive Opportunity Talent pipeline: a step-by-step guide

Define your business needs
Identify the most pressing hiring, retention and development challenges across your company. These could include a lack of access to available talent, high turnover rates, or under performance.

Develop your internal strategy
Building a comprehensive hiring and retention talent strategy is critical to successfully accessing a new high-quality pool of Opportunity Talent. Work directly with Grads of Life and benefit from our insight and expertise to design a customized strategy. We can create a collaborative and comprehensive plan for incorporating Opportunity Talent into your talent pipeline.

Identify training partners to work with
Working with an Opportunity Employment training provider grants employers access to ongoing support in training and developing new talent, while creating talent pathways for entry-level workers. Contact us to help identify training providers in your area. 

Design your talent strategy
There is more than one approach to building an inclusive talent strategy to meet your hiring needs. Explore different employment pathways, such as internships, mentorships, and direct hiring and training channels, via our Solutions guides.

Implement and execute your strategy
We will continue to guide you through the launch of your hiring strategy, working with you to identify launch opportunities and develop training and resources to experience the tremendous impact of implementing a successful inclusive talent strategy.

Collect data and scale your success
Collecting and understanding the data from your talent strategy is essential to benefiting as much as possible from Opportunity Talent. We will support you in uncovering what is working, and how to scale this success throughout your business.

Take the first step with our consultative expertise

Our team of experts is waiting for you to get in touch, and take the first step to working together to build a talent pipeline which mutually benefits your business and Opportunity Talent.