A Novel Approach to Supply a Burgeoning Job Market

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in IT-related jobs is expected to grow at a rate of 12% over the next eight years, far higher than the average for other occupational fields. This will add just under half a million jobs to the market by 2024, mainly because of the new corporate emphasis on IT integration solutions. ServiceNow, an Enterprise Cloud Company, has seen job growth of 880% over the last few years, making it the number one certification from software companies that currently are leading the pack for job creation in the United States.

Many companies and organizations are shifting their focus to applying an Enterprise Service Management (ESM) approach and as such, there has been a huge increase in demand for qualified professionals who are versed in ESM implementation. However, there are not enough traditional job-training pathways to fill this new need in the IT workforce. As a solution to this problem, new training programs have emerged all over the U.S. to prepare people for jobs in IT, with an unconventional but effective approach to IT skills acquisition.

NPower Inc. was founded to do just that—to create a training program that would make a solid dent in the IT skills gap that prevents companies from filling needed positions and talented individuals from landing stable jobs that pay a decent wage. Our organization operates Technology Service Corps (TSC), a workforce preparation program that combines academic classroom-style learning with a real-world paid internship. The results have had employers anticipating the end of each training cycle for each new group of potential tech recruits. Kady Tokora is a prime example of the success that is made possible through our approach.

Kady was a student at Baruch College in Manhattan pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and working at various CPA firms. While still in school and wanting a change, she decided to enroll in the TSC program at NPower. The TSC program is a fifteen-week classroom based technology training program followed by a paid seven-week IT services internship at a corporation or non-profit organization. The program also includes weekly site visits and guest presentations that allow students to network with directors at numerous Fortune 500 corporations.

After graduating from the TSC program, Kady gained employment as a Business Analyst in IT Change Management at a mass media company. During her tenure in this role, she decided to continue her IT training with NPower and enrolled in their TechCareer Accelerator (TCA) program. The eight-week TCA program prepares participants for certification in ITIL framework and ServiceNow ESM platform, and enabled Kady to expand her knowledge and skills in ESM. Once Kady graduated, she achieved a certification in ServiceNow CSA (certified system administrator) and ITIL. This certification allowed her to move up the corporate ladder by joining KPMG as an ESM Analyst and fill in a piece of the IT workforce gap.

Kady is just one of the many people who are taking advantage of our programs, which have made jobs in IT more accessible to a broader population. As companies continue to post job openings in IT over the coming years, more programs like TSC and TSA will be needed to help fill the workforce gap. In the meantime, Kady will be happy with the knowledge that she took steps to fulfill her potential and secure her future, utilizing ESM to be an asset to an ever-growing industry.

Patrick serves as the National Director for NPower’s Technology Service Corps (TSC), a technology education and job training program. In this capacity, he is responsible for the overall strategy of the program’s seven offices. He has been with NPower for over seven years and has overseen the significant growth and development of the program.

Patrick has worked as a financial analyst and associate, as well as a real estate investor, owner, broker, developer, and adjunct professor. He has seventeen years of experience in commercial and residential real estate, corporate finance, and advisory services. Patrick co-owned and operated FPC Development LLC, a real estate company for five years. He was formerly an Investment Banker at Bear Stearns & Co. where he was involved in mergers, acquisitions, corporate finance, corporate restructurings, and private placements.

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