Commitments by Employers

Across the U.S., leading employers are investing in mentoring, internship, school-to-work and hiring pathways for Opportunity Youth and seeing benefits within their organizations. Contact Grads of Life at to learn how to join them.


Hilton Worldwide
Commitment to Action: Travel with Purpose/Commitment to Opportunity Youth
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Hilton Worldwide made a global commitment to impact at least one million young people by 2019 by helping them to reach their full potential and close the youth unemployment gap. This new initiative will open doors for young people in three ways:

1. Connecting them to the world of travel by enabling them to experience new cultures, contributing to the improvement of the sustainability of the industry and shaping their future with opportunities in Hilton Worldwide's expansive supply chain;
2. Preparing them for success in the world of work, travel and beyond by supporting their basic needs and developing their life and professional skills with mentorships, apprenticeships and Hilton Worldwide's innovative career awareness program, Careers@HiltonLive; and
3. Employing them across all divisions of the business across more than 4,000 owned, managed and franchised hotels worldwide.

In 2013, Hilton Worldwide issued an industry-wide call to action in collaboration with the International Youth Foundation (IYF) to help prevent a "lost generation" by building awareness and creating opportunities for young people in the hospitality industry. Changing perceptions of career opportunities in the travel and tourism industry is a key priority for Hilton Worldwide and the sector.

The commitment builds upon Travel with Purpose, Hilton Worldwide's global corporate responsibility strategy. Travel with Purpose focuses on creating opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential; strengthening local communities where Team Members live, work and travel; celebrating cultures and the power of travel; and living sustainably through the measurement, analysis and improvement of the use of natural resources.
Alaska Airlines
Commitment to Action: Commitment to Opportunity Youth
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Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group, has a singular focus on youth and education, and is committed to building education and career pathways for youth in the communities it serves. By focusing on ways to expose youth to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers through targeted giving, mentorship and other programs, Alaska is engaging the leaders of tomorrow and developing talent for the aviation industry. In its home state of Washington, Alaska has given $2.5 million to fund the Alaska Airlines Aerospace Education Center at the Museum of Flight to inspire the next generation of aerospace leaders, $1.5 million to Port Jobs for career development for airport workers, and $236,000 to the Highline School District for grants to teachers who help students excel in technical training. In the state of Alaska, Alaska Airlines has made a 3-year, $1 million commitment to the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, an organization with the mission of providing native Alaskan students with the support they need to be successful in higher education and in science and engineering careers.
New York Life Insurance
Commitment to Action: #FirstJob Compact
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New York Life Insurance is committing that Opportunity Youth will make up at least one third of all its interns over the next 3-5 years and it will convert an average of 50 percent of those Opportunity Youth to full-time employees. Interns will be paired with executive sponsors and will receive regular professional and life skills training.
Grads of Life
Commitment to Action: #FirstJob Compact
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Grads of Life, a national initiative that catalyzes market demand for opportunity youth by transforming employer perceptions and business practices, will work with at least eight employers to support the implementation of their First Job commitments by providing consultative services and program design assistance. In addition, Grads of Life is releasing two tools to help all employers bring opportunity youth in to their talent pipeline--a business case framework that highlights the metrics companies should track to understand the economic value of their commitments to opportunity youth talent development and a partnership management tool that outlines the roles of the employer and the workforce training provider in successfully collaborating to develop opportunity youth talent pipelines.

"I am asking employers, educators, non-profits, community leaders to join me and the Grads of Life campaign in this bold agenda to grow our economy and to create new opportunities for tomorrow's leaders."

- Secretary Hillary Clinton