Choose a Training Provider

Why work with training providers?

Working with an Opportunity Employment-aligned training provider can help your business gain access to skilled, often-overlooked talent pools and build capacity for sustained talent development.

Qualified providers can include:

  • Non-profit community-based organizations
  • High schools, technical schools, and community colleges
  • Government entities, such as workforce development board

Choosing the right provider

After identifying the right training provider to work with, provide them with the information they need to get you the right candidates:

  • Specific talent needs and desired outcomes (encourage potential providers to do the same)
  • A clear understanding of your environment, culture and characteristics
  • A firm grasp of what you need from your new hires
  • The technical skills involved in the entry-level positions you are filling

Tips for building a long-term training provider relationship:

  1. Assess your needs
    Create a list of business needs and be prepared to provide training organizations with a list of attributes you seek in ideal candidates.
  2. Designate a Relationship Manager
    This person will be responsible for leading the communications between your business and the training provider.
  3. Create a communication process
    Open and clear communication is valuable in creating a good relationship with your training provider. Establish a simple process you can both follow.
  4. Define roles clearly
    Determine, share and clarify role expectations throughout your partnership to ensure ongoing efficiency and effectiveness.
  5. Optimize your partnership
    Take time to evaluate the curriculum a training provider offers to identify gaps. There may be opportunities to partner with the provider to create a customized curriculum that supports your specific talent needs.