Doing Good is Good for Business

Employers who have hired Opportunity Youth are seeing the business value.

Return on Investment

Employers across the country are sharing their business cases for why they see value in building Opportunity Youth talent pipelines.

Companies that create partnerships to hire Opportunity Youth have found business value in recruiting and hiring efficiency, including a decrease in interview-to-hire ratio, better pre-screening and assessment, and trial hiring periods.

Interview Costs & Pre-Screening

Value: Pre-Screening by a partner reduces interview-to-hire ratio.


SK Food Group reduced its interview-to-hire ratio to 2:1.

Skills Assessment

Value: Skill assessment helps ensure candidates are job-ready for your specific needs.


State StreetUBS, & Rollins leverage workforce partners to pre-screen interns.

Trial Hiring

Value: A time-limited trial, whether an internship or apprenticeship, reduces hiring risk.


Gap Inc. converted 75% of their interns to hires.

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Through partnerships with workforce training providers, companies have found business value in structuring pre-employment training and post-hire support.

Pre-Employment Training

Value: Hires are work-ready with professional and job-specific technical skills.


Ritz Carlton’s pre-employment training initiative has trained over 9,000 Opportunity Youth in basic hospitality.

Supervisor Support Post-Hire

Value: Partners provide necessary post-hire support to ensure success of opportunity youth hires.


Salesforce & Southwire work with workforce partners to provide intern support.

Ongoing Immersive Training

Value: Employers have a proven training partner for ongoing training and support.


71% of Verizon’s supervisors report that employees participating in its continued education program show improved performance...

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Research has shown that companies with more diverse workforce's achieve better business results.

Employees Mirror Community & Customers

Value: Companies with employees that mirrors their customers are 45% more likely to grow.


DigitasLBi’s diverse employee base enables them to better understand its client base.

Access to Diverse Candidates

Value: Employers have more direct access to diverse candidates.


PG&E leveraged higher education institutional partners to gain access to a 60% diversity rate in their applicant pool.

Productivity, Collaboration & Innovation

Value: Diversity fosters a greater exchange of ideas, perspectives, and collaboration.


Opportunity Youth brought a diversity of ideas to Artemis Real Estate benefiting its bottom line.

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Companies that hire Opportunity Youth have seen a positive impact on retention, employee engagement, and productivity.

Direct Turnover Costs

Value: Data suggests pre-screened OY candidates stay longer, driving down turnover rates.


70% of Northrop’s apprentices stay with the company for 15 or more years.

Employee Engagement & Leadership Development

Value: OY programs engage employees as managers, mentors, and coaches, who then report higher job satisfaction.


Fidelity’s employees who work with Opportunity Youth report increased leadership, management &...

Indirect Turnover Costs

Value: Retained employees boost productivity and create higher impact over time.


Precision Body & Paint has a 40% gross margin on labor based on a 5 year apprenticeship...

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Companies that hire Opportunity Youth have found opportunities to off-set labor costs through incentives, and other opportunities.

Wages, Compensation & Benefits Differentials

Value: Earn and learn programs often start as lower labor costs.


Opportunity Youth working at AT&T helped secure $1.3 million in lost revenue, vastly exceeding the cost of...

Government Workforce Incentives

Value: Government workforce funding and tax credits can help subsidize wages and training costs.


CVS earned a 179% return on Work Opportunity Tax credit.


Value: Higher retention leads to lower overall labor costs.


Johns Hopkins Hospital’s interns had a 74% return on investment

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Companies that hire Opportunity Youth report an increase in goodwill and broader social benefits, including an improved reputation and reduced tax burdens.

Reputation & PR Opportunities

Value: Studies show that a positive reputation will decrease recruiting costs.


Coca-Cola’s investment in OY from surrounding communities helped it build stronger community ties.

Reduced Tax Burden

Value: When a young adult is out of work and school, the fiscal burden is an estimated $14k per year.


SK Food Group’s interns helped reduced the collective...

Reduced Social Costs

Value: When a young adult is out of work and school, the social burden (less the fiscal burden) is $37K per year.


Kentwood employs OY to help decrease...

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