7-Second Resumes

Encourage employee development in just seven seconds

HR managers spend an average of 7 seconds reading a resume. Whether considering internal or external candidates, our unique and compelling 7 Second Resume videos offer a better use of that time. 7 Second Resumes empower Opportunity Talent to consider their most fundamental strengths, and offer you insights into their employability that traditional resumes miss.


Why 7-Second Resumes?

7-Second Resumes give prospective and current Opportunity Talent employees the chance to translate their experiences into value they bring as employees. Opportunity Talent are:

  • Committed and accountable
  • Strong communicators
  • Efficient and adaptable
  • Tech savvy and innovative

For employers, particularly HR professionals, 7-Second Resumes increase the efficiency of your hiring, recruitment and promotion processes, while increasing employee engagement and talent retention. 7-Second Resumes also help you to:

  • Gain a personable preview of available talent
  • Increase the diversity of your talent pipeline
  • Tap into a broader range of talent sources

Create 7-Second Resumes with high-performing employees

Opportunity Talent within your company have acquired marketable skills through life and professional experiences. 7-Second Resume videos enable your employees to succinctly capture those skills in a highly compelling and engaging way.  

Grads of Life can work with you and your team to guide your employees in crafting these powerful personal statements.”