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Look To Partners For Support And Expertise

Many employers have found that the best way to start working with opportunity youth is to collaborate with partner organizations that already have a successful youth employment pathway in place.

While some employers might have the bandwidth to create a new opportunity youth program independently, most welcome the range of support that partners provide and recognize the need to build on these relationships to develop a talent pipeline. Partners play varying roles, including recruiting youth participants and providing life and work skills training. They also bring expertise from successful program models and experience working with different types of employers.

How Partnerships Can Help

Along with their content and program development expertise, partner organizations can provide access to a broader base of opportunity youth talent.

If you’re interested in aligning with a partner organization, it’s important for both parties to manage expectations and priorities to capture the full benefits of partnership. Frequent communication and feedback is essential to success, as is setting clear expectations up front.

The Benefits of Partnering

  • Provide expertise and support
  • Streamline recruitment and hiring
  • Help grow a reliable talent pipeline
  • Develop customized curricula to meet local labor-market needs
  • Offer low-cost training options
  • Help connect to the regional economic community

Types of Partner Organizations

The Partnership Spectrum

Partner organizations take different forms, from community organizations to education providers. The right partner will depend on many factors, including your business needs and available resources.

Effective partnership models usually include an employer and at least one of the following:

  • Non-profit community-based organizations
  • High schools, technical schools, community colleges, colleges and universities
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Government entities, such as workforce investment boards

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