The Skills Gap in America is Widening

At a time of record youth unemployment in America, employers struggle to find skilled entry-level talent through conventional hiring practices.

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5.8 million young adults are out of school and seeking work

McKinsey & Company. Education to Employment: Designing a System that Works. 2013.

40% of employers cite lack of skills as the main reason for job vacancies

Manpower Group, 2012, Talent Shortage Survey Research Results.

2/3 of employers report difficulty filling open positions

Moving Business Forward

Doing good is also good for business.

Employers across the country are collaborating with partner organizations to build skilled pipelines of talent and they are getting results.

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Opportunity Youth Are Resilient and Loyal

U.S. employers are looking for better-trained talent, but traditional hiring methods don’t always add up to better hires.

There’s an untapped talent pool of young adults, called opportunity youth, that’s overlooked by many employers for entry-level jobs. When they are prepared and proven, these young adults bring resilience, loyalty and grit to their work that help make them valued employees.

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Partnership Support

Many employers have found that the best way to start working with opportunity youth and build an employment pathway is to collaborate with established partner organizations that already have a successful employment pathway model in place.

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