By partnering with Urban Alliance, Virginia Hospital Center gained access to a cost-effective talent pipeline while also bringing their employees together to support the interns, ultimately increasing employee satisfaction.

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“The Urban Alliance interns were well prepared and quick learners. The training they received allowed them to perform quality work with very little intervention. Before we knew it, they were able to take on more tasks and work more independently, which is not always the case with High School interns.”
Robin Norman, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

The Challenge

Virginia Hospital Center was looking for more ways to support their community by partnering with educational organizations both within and outside of the health care industry.

The Solution

Partnering with Urban Alliance proved to be true return on investment for Virginia Hospital Center. The interns benefitted from gaining real-world, professional experiences, and the company benefitted from the real work the interns completed at a cost-effective price for the organization.

The Outcome


Source: Urban Alliance. Virginia Hospital Center Success Study. 2015.